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OnlineSignup-Churches-and-Non-ProfitsToday’s churches and non-profits are often burdened with limited leadership and lengthy to-do lists in order to host a successful event. is a church or non-profit staff’s dream with its simple-to-use interface application which allows event registration for all ages to be systematically entered and categorized into a variety of options including groups, ages, and published activities.

Whether it’s online enrollment for your Bible school programs, Awana Club signups, the youth mission trip to Mexico, or your Nifty Fifties Fall trip to see the foliage, is tailor-made for you! offers your congregation and/or staff a simple way to reduce overhead costs and applicant frustration by providing online registration for your events, which avoids mass printing of application forms, reduces the hassle of long lines and eliminates the redundancy of filling out the same information on multiple forms.

Your ministerial and financial staffs will appreciate the simplification of tracking registrations, payments, and income-reporting for financial records and potential grant procurement. allows your leaders and staff to get back to the business of pursuing the organization’s mission and removes the hassles and frustrations of payment deadlines, keeping up with the money and creating volunteer lists, etc.

While is the perfect solution for many organizations, The Belford Group has also developed a more comprehensive software gem entitled, GraceBase Church Management Software. It encompasses all the tools your church or non-profit entity needs to administer finances, track people, communicate with groups, raise support for mission trips, navigate the registration process for events from start to finish and more, all in one creative, simple-to-use system.

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