Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to my organization for using

By choosing to manage the registration aspects of your events, your staff can minimize time spent making phone calls, shuffling paperwork, and processing applications. Additionally, you are able to reduce time and costs associated with bookkeeping and tracking the fees associated with accepting credit cards as a payment option for registration fees.

What are the costs to my organization for utilizing

Choosing to handle your agency’s events will involve a one-time set-up fee for your agency to cover the creation of your account as well as a small credit card processing fee charged to each customer when they register and pay the registration fees for your event. The customer’s processing fee is  $2 plus 3% of the transaction total.

If collects all of the registration fees and pays the credit card processing fees, how does my company/organization receive its enrollment fees?

Your organization/company will receive a check from every two weeks with a detailed account of all funds received by enrollees for your financial records.

How will our staff know the number of participants to expect? allows your company/organization to print a variety of reports based upon the data collected by the registrants. These report parameters could include number of attendees by session, age, gender, instructor, etc.

Can customers register for more than one session or activity at a time?

Yes. has the versatility to allow users to register more than one person for multiple sessions and activities. In addition, each family is provided with a user name and password to its family account which allows each member to track the activities and sessions that he/she is currently scheduled to attend.

Will I have to buy any software to use this program?

No. is user friendly and completely compatible with your regular operating systems. Reports can be generated using Excel and other database programs.

Will I be able to make changes to the schedules and courses offered?

Yes. Each system administrator is provided with a username and password that allows you to alter, add, or delete courses and sessions.

If a participant cancels, will his/her money be refunded?

Once we have processed the enrollment, the processing fee is non-refundable because we will have already been billed by our processing center for the transaction. Any refund of the actual registration fees would be handled through your company or organization.

How can I sign my company up for

Call 479-443-9945, email us, or signup online by clicking the button below.