Festivals & Events

Does your community offer multiple festivals, fairs, and non-profit events?  If your answer is YES, then OnlineSignup.org is the program for you!  With its simple-to-use interface application, setting up festivals and events is a breeze.  OnlineSignup.org offers the ability to enter multiple events, times, and dates for your community functions. It also streamlines the information gathered to easily export the data to your organization’s records.

Your staff will enjoy our straightforward system that creates a database of all participants, sends an automatic, yet customizable, “Thank You” message to each registrant, allows the freedom to open additional slots for each event and tracks accounting dollars. “Real time” numbers of registrations for your event are easily created and accessed which helps take the guess work out of your attendance.  The flexibility and accountability of OnlineSignup.org will enable event planners to focus on the actual “planning” of the event rather than stressing over monetary collection and financial tracking. These are both easily managed on your behalf through OnlineSignup.org.