Pavilions & Reservations

Are you tired of issuing tickets to committee members, tracking how many each person has sold, how many are still available, and then preparing the deposits after the event? Look no further than! Issuing tickets and reservations is a breeze with our cutting-edge online event registration software. saves staff time, prevents accounting hassles, and provides your group a simple-to-use interface application to create and control participant signup options. can handle multiple age groups, offer a variety of events and times, and even limit who can sign up by attaching a set of registration parameters to each event.

Each individual purchasing tickets through will receive an email confirmation of his/her purchase, a “Thank You” for his/her participation, and a receipt for his/her records. Should an event be “rained out” or otherwise canceled, presenters can initiate an email notifying each participant of the cancellation and offer a new date and time for the event, if applicable.

Participating agencies and community event planners will receive the monies collected for their event two times per month. Each payment to your organization will be accompanied with a detailed report of the registrations and monies collected during the applicable period for each disbursement cycle.